Holzindustrie Templin GmbH

Hardwood-sawn products

Local, sustainable and certified.

Wood is a fascinating and varied natural product.
Because we work with this exceptional material every day and know exactly its properties as well as its importance to our eco-system, we work with it responsibly and in a way that adds value.

We obtain our PECF and FSC certified wood exercising good judgement and from local sources. The hardwood obtained through sustainable forestry comes from state owned, communal and private woodlands whose owners we work closely with.

We mostly work with the following hardwoods:
Beech wood texture background, Close-up.

Beech (lat. Fagus sylvatica)


Oak (lat. Quercus robur/petraea)


Maple (lat. Acer pseudoplatanus)

Background of wooden surface made of the ash-tree plank after primary coarse processing

Ash (lat. Fraxinus excelsior)

Standard hardwood sawn products:

We offer timber in different species and grades:

  • Qualities A, A/B, B, B/C as well as red heart Beech

The available thicknesses range from

  • 18mm to 80mm

This range is available to you:

  • freshly cut , air dried, steam treated and kiln dried

Refined hardwood saw products:

We refine our hardwood saw products to:

  • Top layer lamellas for e.g. Wooden floors


  • Furniture cuts, oak timber according to the list

This range is available to you:

  • freshly cut and kiln dried.

Here are some examples of our product range:

If you need specialist cut goods or special packaging, please speak to us.

Our production manager, Mr Enrico Hans, will be happy to advise you.
You can reach him at the phone number +49 3987 7002-16
or via email hans@hitemplin.com.

Enrico Hans - Production manager
Modern sawmill technology - the heart of our production

The flexible and reliable implementation of customer requests with an optimal timber yield enables the combination of our log, band resaw and frame saws.
With the help of our downstream sorting facility, individual and flexible sorting systems are no problem.
Our company premises have an extensive open-air warehouse for subsequent air drying.

Chamber drying is also possible. We operate 22 steaming and drying chambers for this purpose.

We have large hall capacities and can thus guarantee excellent wood care and value-preserving storage of the sawn timber.

Log band saw

Band resaw


Automatic board sorting system


Automatic stacking system

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Additional products and services

Forest Management Services

Care- and maintenance work
in the forestry industry

Sale of firewood

Variety of types
of firewood available

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