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We know our wood

Our main site is situated in the densely wooded district of Uckermark in North Brandenburg.
We believe in the future of wood as a versatile raw material and know the importance of forests for our eco-system.
Our processed round timber is sourced 100% from sustainable and natural forests.
We work closely with woodland owners and advise and assist you with forestry enquiries.

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Only the best for our wood

The logs from the forests arrive on our yards and are registered and classified according to quality. We can store and irrigate approx. 35,000 m³ of round timber on our 2.5 hectare water storage faciliy.

We prepare cut wood to all specifications and refine it further to suit customer wishes. To implement customer requirements we use our block- and bandsaws.

With the help of our downstream sorting facility, individual and flexible sorting systems are no problem.

Our extensive outdoor storage area makes gentle air drying possible.
We have large indoor storage facilities and can therefore ensure excellent wood care and storage, preserving both the quality and value of the sawn wood.

Our aim is to have perfectly dried wood of consistent quality available for our customers throughout the year.

We take responsibility

Our native forests play a central part in the fight against climate change.
Every wood product captures CO2 over the whole of it’s lifespan and wood is far superior to other building materials in relation to ecological balance.
For this reason, our products are an environmentally friendly alternative to energy intensive building materials such as steel, man made materials or wood from illegal felling.

Please refer to our website: http://www.wald-ist-klimaschuetzer.de

In an age of energy- and climate change it is a matter of course for us to take responsibility for working in a social and ecological manner.
Therefore we produce all the thermal energy needed for our workshops, wood drying, heating the offices and for some surrounding homes from the processing of residual forest wood in our biomass thermal power stations. Over and above this steam for the steaming and drying chambers is also produced in these power stations.

With our photovoltaic- and our ORC-systems
(Organic Rankine Cycle), with a total output of approx. 5.0MWp, we generate electrical energy which is fed into the national grid.

We have further committed to continuously improving our energy efficiency. To this end we have introduced an SpaEfV energy management system throughout the business. It is checked anually by independant auditors. In addition to this we are certified in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1.

We rely on this

Our technical provision:
  • Frame saw, band mill and band re-saw lines

  • 2 Trimming- and sorting carriage

  • Automatic reduction and de-barking

  • Automatic sorting and stacking system

  • Total operating area 350,000 square meters

  • 2,500 square meter wet storage area for 35,000 cubic meter round timber

  • 15,000 square meters of warehousing, mostly air conditioned.

  • 22 Steaming and drying chambers

Our strong team:
  • Partners in production

  • Partners in technology

  • Partners in administration

  • Drivers

  • Wood buyers

  • Business leadership

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Holzindustrie Templin GmbH
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