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Local – by tradition

Bralitz is situated in Oderbruch on the Alten Oder. Following the drainage of the Oderbruch the area has been transformed since the beginning of the 20th Century, changing from a fishing village to a small industrial area. With a brickworks, sawmill, gravel and sand mining, this area supported the growth in building works in Berlin.

The usage of local resources is a tradition here.

By using the the versatile resource of wood, we are processing a material which comes directly from nature. However, we value it not just because of its properties as a raw material, but also for its importance to our eco-system.

Here at Holzwerk Bralitz we take this responsibility very seriously and place great importance on environmentally friendly and energy efficient production in our work. It is also possible to have logs delivered by ship.

We have created a production cycle in which every tree trunk is used to the optimum and almost everything is re-cycled.

Real wood – Nature at our feet

Our specialist area is the production of fresh oak beams/ oak timber as well as the production of layers which, as an example, can be further processed in the flooring industry to create high quality parquet and plank flooring.

For a healthy climate indoors, choosing the right materials is very important. Heat radiation, the individuality and vitality of natural wood is unique and promotes well-being in inside areas.

At Holzwerk Bralitz we try to pass on as much of the naturalness and soul of the raw material as possible.

Sustainability – not just a word.

For us, sustainability means taking action. As a renewable material and with careful and responsible care of our forests, wood will be available to us for many more centuries.

We produce all the thermal energy for our workshops, for drying the wood and also for heating our office space entirely from natural residual wood. In addition to this we operate a biomass power plant.

Even the CO2 created during combustion is separated into its components using an especially innovative process in a gas separator. In this way we can provide sufficient CO2 for plant growth in a nearby 5 hectare greenhouse.

For this process we received the food agriculture prize for innovation for the county of Brandenburg

In order to develop bioeconomic links, we created a network with local business. Werder Frucht GmbH found in us a partner with a suitable source of heating to grow sustainable local vegetables under glass in a joint enterprise – Gartenbau Bralitz GBB.

You can find more information on the sustainability strategy of the county of Brandenburg in the brochure:
„Nachhaltige Bioökonomie in Brandenburg Biobasierte Wertschöpfung – regional und innovativ“

We rely on this

Our technical provision:
  • Log bandsaw cutting

  • Fine cut bandsawing

  • Calibration and cutting centre

  • Round timber- trimming- and sorting carriage

  • Total operating area of approx. 350,000 square meters

  • Damp storage for approx. 10,000 round metres of logs

  • Combined steam and and drying chambers

  • Approx. 90,000 square meters of warehouses and open air storage areas

Contact and directions

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HBB Holzbearbeitung Bralitz GmbH
Oderberger Str. 19
D-16259 Bad Freienwalde / Bralitz

Office hours

Montag – Donnerstag
7:00  – 16:00 Uhr
7:00  – 15:00 Uhr

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